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Adoption & Fostering

To learn more about adoption and foster care call us at 519.824.2410 during business hours or click here to apply.

Our Foster Homes include:

  1. Foster Parents who provide a stable and supportive home for children and youth who are unable to live with their own families.  Children and youth may need foster care for a few days, a few weeks or longer.
  2. Kinship Care which is the same as Foster Care except, the Foster Parent is known to the child.

What are Families to Permanence (FTP) families?

A FTP family is able to commit to a child in all of these circumstances:DadAndSon

a)      To help the child return to the care of their birth parents;

b)     To transition to the care of another family member; or

c)      To have the child become a permanent, legal member of their family if the child does not return home or to another family member.

Who are the children and youth we work with?

Each child and youth in care is unique and brings their own life history.  Some children are placed in care voluntarily while others are in our care by a court order.  Foster children range in age from newborn to 18 years of age.  Even after a youth turns 18, we want to continue to support them with our Continued Care and Support for Youth Program (CCSY) until they are 21, or older.

Some children and youth come into care because there is family conflict, a parent is ill, their family cannot care for them adequately or they have been neglected or abused.

How Can I Become an Adoptive Parent, Foster Parent or Families to Permanence (FTP) Parent?

Please contact us at 519-824-2410 or 1-800-265-8300. You will speak with a worker who will ask you some standard questions about who lives in your family, where you are residing and how you became interested in fostering and adoption.  Alternately, you can complete our online application form {link}.  Once we receive your application, you will be invited to attend one of our information meetings to learn more about adoption and fostering.  At the information meeting, you will receive additional information about our programs.  From there you can decide whether or not you wish to proceed.

What qualities are you looking for to be an Adoptive Parent or Foster Parent?

Parents who look after children in the care of our agency, come from all walks of life and have a variety of backgrounds.  They may be experienced parents whose children have grown, couples raising their own children, older couples, younger couples, single persons, same sex couples, married couples or common-law couples.  They must be over the age of 18 and live in Wellington County.

They are required to have an understanding of children’s emotional and behavioural needs and how to meet or seek support in meeting those needs.  They work as a member of a team and the team includes agency workers, community workers and the child’s extended family, and are open to learning about the challenges of parenting children in foster care.

We are looking for people who also:

  • Have an appreciation of the lifelong influence they can have on a childFACS_Web_MomDaughters
  • Are patient, compassionate, warm and accepting
  • Embrace difference and diversity
  • Are flexible and nurturing
  • Have an ability to provide consistency and routines
  • Are not afraid of a challenge
  • Want to make a difference
  • Have the ability to provide transportation to and from activities for foster children placed in their home
  • Know about or have a willingness to learn about loss and attachment
  • Are prepared to accept a child’s birth family / extended family

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