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Your Feedback

Talk To Us

We are proud of the good relationships we have with families. It is important that you tell us what is good, or not good, about our services. We love it when you tell us about a good experience with our agency or about a staff member who has really helped you.

We also like to know when there is a problem with one of our services. We want to make sure our services help children and families. We want to keep on improving how we work with you.

Do you have a concern? Tell us

We can solve almost any problem by talking. Talking things through usually leads to greater understanding and builds a stronger relationship.

If you have a concern, talk to the staff member involved or with that person’s supervisor. F&CS staff will usually understand the source of the problem and they may be able to resolve it.

Talking about difficult things is hard. It may be easier if you have someone there to support you. It is okay to have a friend with you when you talk with us. If you are more comfortable in a language other than English, you can have someone there to interpret.

If you do not have a worker, or you are not sure who to speak with, we will help you find the right person. Call us at 519-824-2410, extension 4112 or 1-800-265-8300, extension 4112.

We will do our best to resolve your concern in this informal way. To learn more click here to view a copy of our feedback brochure. This brochure will describe how to make a formal complaint to F&CS.

If you are an F&CS client you can also contact the provincial Child and Family Services Review Board with your concerns. For more information on the CFSRB and to access forms click here.

You can make a formal complaint

You can make a formal complaint if talking to the staff member or supervisor is not resolving your concern. The Ministry of Children and Youth Services created this review process to be fair and objective and help you address your concerns. Ask us for a copy of the ministry’€™s complaint brochure or phone the ministry at 1-888-728-8823. You may also download one from our web site:

You have two ways to make a formal complaint:

1) Write to us
• Write down your concern and mail it to us at 275 Eramosa Road, Box 1088, Guelph N1H 6N3. Or you can drop it off.
• We will tell you in seven days if we can review your complaint. We cannot review a complaint that relates to a matter before the court.
• If we can review the complaint, we will set a date and time for you to meet with our internal complaint review panel.
You will receive the panel’€™s decision within 14 days of meeting with them.

2) Write to the Provincial Child and Family Services Review Board
You can get the forms you need from the CFSRB at or you can call them at 1-888-728-8823, or you can ask us for the forms. Write down your concern by completing the forms and sending them to the Child and Family Services Review Board at 2 Bloor Street West, 24th Floor, Toronto M4W 3V5 or faxing them to 1-416-327-0558.
• The board will write back to you within seven days. They will tell you if they can review your complaint or explain why they cannot. If they can review your complaint, within 20 days they will send you a letter with their decision to set up a hearing.


Accessible Service

Family & Children’€™s Services of Guelph and Wellington County is committed to providing accessible customer service through:

  • Our Accessibility – Providing Services to People with Disabilities Policy.
  • Communicating with all of our clients in a manner that respects their unique needs.
  • Working with all of our clients to ensure documents are provided in an accessible format upon request.
  • Welcoming your feedback on the accessibility of our services.

For more information: