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Enrichment Program

We encourage all of our children to hold a dream for their future and to reach for it. The Enrichment Program helps to open the doors of opportunity for our children, youth and young adults to attain their full potential.

Nicki loves music! He loves to practice his lessons. Practicing means he can immerse himself in the melodic sounds that he himself can produce. Nicki dreams of becoming a concert musician and would like to study with the Conservatory. He is now ready for a more skilled teacher to guide him and will require a higher quality instrument.

Susanna has a dream of going to university on an athletic scholarship. She trains six days a week while attending school full-time. Often weekends are spent travelling to and from competitions to test her training accomplishments. Many of the costs do not come under the ministry funding umbrella:
• Necessary equipment
• Registration fees
• Travel
• Increased nutritional requirements.

Poverty is one of the most important determinants of achievement for children and youth. Family & Children’s Services has established a “Summer Camp Program” which is run for children, youth and families in Guelph and Wellington County who are not “In Care”. Agency staff assess the needs of families who do not require formal child protection services and access the Summer Camp Program when local community resources are not applicable.

The Program also includes providing family swim passes to families who do not wish to access the camp experience. Last summer, 103 families utilized passes and we expect this number to grow this summer.

Feedback from participating families regarding benefits of attending the program includes:
• Increased physical health, social skills, and self esteem
• Helpful for the family
• Noticed a beneficial mood change in the participant
• Great opportunity to interact with other youth

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