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Children First Fund

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is also sometimes a matter of opportunity” – Hippocrates

The children, youth and families that we work with are some of the strongest and most resilient individuals we know, and we want to provide them with every opportunity we can to succeed. The Children First Fund gives us the ability to go above and beyond our mandate to provide them with access to resources and supports they otherwise would not have.

At the Children First Fund:

  • We recognize the value of providing early help to isolated and struggling families before intrusive intervention is required.
  • We know from experience that by providing the children and youth in our care with opportunities for growth, they can achieve a better future for themselves.

It’s these fundamental beliefs that have guided our fund and its support of the following initiatives:

Support Initiatives

All families have challenges from time to time. Those that have networks and resources to problem-solve see that those challenges do not harm their children and youth. Not all families have access to support so that when problems become hard to overcome, their children can be negatively impacted. Undoing harm is extremely difficult, with these children more likely to struggle at school, with addictions, mental health issues and deep vulnerability as they grow into adulthood.

The Children First Fund works with families and community partners to help build accessible networks and supports that assist the families we work with and other struggling families in our community to obtain what they need to keep their children and youth safe and well.

“This is the first time I have worked with a network of friends, family and community supports and F&CS…Instead of just worrying, my network helps me get there…everyone is helping me accomplish what I want [for me and my family].” – Support Recipient

Buy gas card so youth can visit their family

Help facilitate a weekly support group meeting

Help provide groceries for a family for a week

Provide ongoing support to families in need

Growth Initiatives

Children and youth exposed to higher levels of stress, violence, addictions and mental health issues often have greater challenges at school, in their health outcomes and can be more vulnerable in general.

We encourage all of the children and youth we work with to hold a dream for their future and to reach for it. The Children First Fund opens doors of opportunity for our children and youth to grow as individuals through education and skill building activities. We know that through these experiences, they are able to increase their capacity for success and move closer to attaining their full potential.

“Most people I went to school with had their parents that helped them out when they needed it; I did not have that option. It was nice to know that people who didn’t even know me wanted to help make my dreams come true and also wanted to help me to do well for myself.”– Children First Fund Recipient

Send a child to our Financial Literacy Program

Help send a child to summer camp for a week

Buy used textbooks for a youth at university

Help provide growth opportunities to many

Your contributions mean the world to the children we work with, help us make a difference in their lives and donate today.