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Help support our Children First Fund

Meeting Urgent Needs

Many of the children, youth and families that we work with struggle to meet their basic needs. This includes accessing baby items, personal care products, housing, transportation, essential dental care, mental health care, and other things that they need to be safe and healthy.

Your support toward our Children First Fund ensures that we can be there for our children, youth and families when they are struggling to meet their basic needs, or have an urgent need arise, and can’t find the support they need through other community programs.

Your gifts supports strong and resilient families through a variety of outcome-based programs:

Urgent and Essential Needs Fund

When a youth or a family is facing financial insecurity, it can make it difficult for them to access the things they need to be safe and healthy.

Your gifts to our Children First Fund ensure that our children, youth and families can meet their basic needs when they can’t find or access the support they need from other community programs.

COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund for Youth

COVID-19 has disproportionately affected many in the communities we serve, including our former youth in care. These youth face many challenges after leaving care, and these have only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to the increased needs of our youth since the beginning of the pandemic, the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada provided us with a grant of $30,000 to support our youth with the resources and supports they need during this difficult time.

Your support toward this special fund ensures that we can provide continued support to youth from care who are struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so they can access the resources and supports they need to be safe and healthy, when they have nowhere else to turn.

Car Seat Program

Many families in our community living with low-income struggle to access many basic necessities for their children, including car seats.

With limited community support available for this essential need for families, your gifts to our Car Seat Program ensures that low-income families in our community can access the car seats they need to keep their children safe while on the road.