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For most youth, transitioning to adulthood is filled with excitement.

For youth like Eric, it’s a lot more complicated.

Most of us see transitioning to independence as an exciting life milestone. But for one of our youth, Eric, it meant packing up his few belongings, and getting ready to ‘age out’ of care – unsure of what the next few years of his life would look like.

Can you imagine being in Eric’s shoes?

But, your support changes everything for kids like Eric. Because when government support ends, your support begins, ensuring that kids like Eric still have someone to turn to when they need it most.

In fact, we witnessed first-hand how deeply Eric’s life was impacted by your support:

  • Your support purchased Eric a bed to sleep in, and a table where Eric can eat his meals. In fact, because of you, Eric was able to get all of the household essentials he needed to make his new apartment feel like home.
  • At times when Eric was struggling, your support ensured he was also able to meet his basic needs, when he had no one else to turn to.
  • Eric was also able to begin building a relationship with members of his family – thanks to your gifts – which provided the bus tickets he needed to visit them.
  • Your gifts also opened up exciting new possibilities for Eric to build a really bright future, providing him with a bursary that made it possible for him to go to college.

Today, will you help transform more lives like Eric’s with a small gift to our Fill the Gap Campaign?

Your gift will go straight to work to fill critical gaps in support for youth leaving care, like Eric; ensuring they can access the things they need to be safe and healthy when they are struggling, and providing resources and opportunities that truly empower them to succeed.

The fact is, without you, Eric’s story might have been very different.

Youth from care face so many challenges, including financial insecurity, chronic homelessness, mental health disorders, and more. Youth like Eric often lack family connections and other support systems, and often have limited basic life skills, all of which can make it really difficult for them to succeed.

This is exactly why your gifts are so important to youth like Eric.

If we want to ensure that youth leaving care in Guelph and Wellington County achieve the bright futures they deserve, we need to help fill the gaps in support that they experience after they age out. Because if we don’t, who will?

Please give today. Your gift to our Fill the Gap Campaign gives youth aging out of care, like Eric, the gifts of survival, hope, and opportunity, when they need it most. Your gift lets youth like Eric know that there are people out there who care about them, and want to see them succeed.

Youth from care like Eric have a bright future ahead of them.

Together, let’s fill the gap, and empower them to succeed.

Share our campaign with others, so we can Fill the Gap for more youth like Eric!