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Foster Parents are qualified individuals who provide a safe supportive home for children and youth who are unable to live with their own families. Fostering involves providing the fostered child with life necessities as well as emotional support during a difficult and confusing time. Foster parents care for the children until they can safely return home to their families.

Who are foster parents?

Foster parents can be any individual who meet the proper qualifications and standards:

  • people who want to parent
  • single people
  • couples
  • people from different religious backgrounds
  • people from all cultural backgrounds


Foster parent applicants must complete the following requirements:

  1. Complete a SAFE (Structured Analysis, Family Evaluation) home study.
  2. Complete PRIDE (Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education) pre-service.


SAFE is a standardized assessment model for all Ontarians interested in kinship care, fostering or adoption. This home study includes:

  • application
  • home safety checklist and questionnaires
  • medical report, police and child welfare clearances, and references

These studies can take from 6 months to a year and are generally valid for up to 2 years


PRIDE pre-service is a 9-module (30-hour) in class and online training program used to prepare and educate families interested in kinship care, fostering and adoption. The PRIDE curriculum includes:

  • adoption and child welfare systems, processes and laws
  • attachment and loss
  • child development and issues specific to the needs of adopted children
  • the effects of neglect, lack of stimulation, abuse and institutionalization on children
  • identity formation and the importance of cultural and racial awareness
  • the importance of connections and continuity for children

This training can be completed through us for free or a private trainer for a fee. Please contact us for information on upcoming programs.

What does it take to become a foster parent?

Ready to become a foster parent?

If you think you’re ready to become a foster parent, here’s how:

  1. Fill out an online application
  2. Come to an info session (3rd Thursday of every month)
  3. Attend training
  4. Meet with a Foster Worker to perform a home study.

To learn more or to register for an Info session, call or email a Foster & Adopt worker at 519-824-2410 or