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Community Paper Shredding Event

The Children First Fund has been established by Family & Children’s Services for programs and initiatives not supported by provincial funding and which address the underlying causes of the need for our support.  We and some of the youth we support in the region are hosting the Community Paper Shredding Event in support of our Education and Transition Support Program.  This event is an opportunity for this group to apply skills recently experienced during a Service Trip to Cruz Chikita, Ecuador where they assisted the community to build a primary school classroom for children between 5-6 years old.


Q:         Where does the shredding take place?
A:          A large Wasteco shredding vehicle will be situated onsite to provide immediate shredding.

Q:         Where will the truck be located?
A:          The shredding takes place at 275 Eramosa which is between Rexall Parma Plus and Zehrs

Q:         Can we have our boxes back?
A:          Yes as the shredding vehicle does not process cardboard.

Q:         What form of payment will be accepted?
A:          Cash or cheques made payable to Family & Children’s Services.

Q:         How will our donation be used?
A:          Donations will go directly to support our Education and Transition Support Program which has been developed to address gaps in support for youth who are aging out of foster care.  Where applicable, the program includes youth living in the region who are also being supported by Family & Children’s Services but who were not in foster care.