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Help support our Children First Fund

Do you have five minutes to make a big impact today – no strings attached?

Doug Dane would like to give you $20 to support our youth on Givesome, a giving platform that lets you see the impact your donations have in the world.

Doug is giving away $20,000 in May to individuals like you, to give to one of the causes that he is passionate about – which includes supporting our youth leaving care!

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Visit from today until May 31st
  2. Use the PIN “YOUGIV” to download your $20 voucher (enter your pin by clicking “$ Redeem PIN” on the top right hand corner of the page)
  3. Visit the project page on Givesome, and donate your $20 voucher!

Thanks to Doug Dane’s incredible generosity, let’s empower youth to succeed after they leave care with resources and opportunities that can really make a difference in their lives, and help to address the big challenges and barriers they often face.

In just five minutes, you can make difference in the life of a youth leaving care today. Please visit, download your pin, and give today.

For more information about Givesome, and this exciting initiative supported by Doug Dane, please visit