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Why we support the Children First Fund!

When we see all of our community out for the weekend at Hillside, when we see them greet each other with hugs and treat each other with tenderness, when we see them dancing and singing and laughing and carrying on, we are overwhelmed with our privilege.  We want this for everyone in our community–the bonding, the freedom, the stimulation, the sense that people will not let you fall.  Family & Children’s Services have these incredible initiatives in their Early Help program that are designed to support families through neighbourhood groups. No one knows better than they how hard it is to reverse harm.   So, they start early working with kids, their parents, and their neighbours, building trust and emphasizing success so that the children don’t feel the harm they might have.  It’s easy to fail, to fall silent, to turn away from people when you have been hurt.  The Early Help program comes into play before the hurt happens so that children grow up feeling supported by their parents and teachers and known by their neighbours.

At Hillside, we’re really lucky to have a community of people raise our festival every year, nurture it, attend it, and sing about it.  Some of these people have been brought to our festival by their neighbours and have stayed to become part of our community.  What would our people do without music and the arts, without their friends and neighbours, without the rich bonding of social interaction over food, great conversations, and music?  We want this for everyone.  And we have the confidence that F&CS has the heart and soul to find it for our community’s children.

Marie Zimmerman, Executive Director, Hillside Festival

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The Hillside Festival is a three-day, five stage event with a broad artistic vision that emphasizes diversity: of culture, of musical heritage and style, of age, geography and influence.  This year the Festival turns 31 and will again utilize the skills of over 1200 volunteers to maintain their reputation of excellence.  Located on the grassy expanses of Guelph Lake Island, the event has received the Best Greening of a Festival (for its environmental initiatives) award, and Best Program award from Festivals and Events Ontario.

Daniel Moore with Marie Zimmerman, Executive
Director and Hillside’€™s Board President, Luke Weiler

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