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The CWECT Waterloo-Wellington focuses on the needs of Crown Ward youth to help them overcome their unique barriers, allowing them to have a better chance at succeeding in postsecondary education, training and employment.

We are here to harness the super powers of our partners to help Crown Wards feel supported and confident in each phase of their education, academic and career journeys.

Some of the activities that our partnership undertakes to help Crown Ward youth include:

  • Development of a Youth Advisory Board;
  • Career and lifestyle visioning activities through photo and video projects;
  • Work closely with local employment agencies to assist with job placements and skill development;
  • Implement post-secondary peer based programs and community based service-learning programs;
  • Work in partnership with local school boards to ensure education success;
  • Support foster families through sharing relevant information;
  • Provide a safe place for mentorship and information sharing

Our goal? Help Crown Ward youth live their best life today and tomorrow.