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Making Memories Campaign – Kiara’s Story

Imagine, as a child, never knowing the thrill of riding a roller coaster for the first time with your mom or dad by your side; or the delight of sitting in a movie theatre snuggled up to your parents, waiting in anticipation for the film to begin. Imagine never experiencing a family trip to the zoo, or the delight of making smores together on a family camping trip.

Many of the children that we work with, like five-year-old Kiara, don’t have to imagine.

Often, bills have to be paid, or food purchased, leaving nothing left to for a family outing. Sometimes, families struggle with big barriers, like language, social isolation, difficulties planning ahead, or access to transportation – all of which can make even a short family outing extremely challenging, and often very stressful.

Despite these challenges, we know that spending meaningful time together is one of the most powerful ways for families to build resilience. These experiences foster deep feelings of connection between children and parents, and offer rich opportunities for families like Kiara’s to repair and nurture complex relationships.

This is why we are reaching out to you today, about a new program that will help families like Kiara’s to overcome the barriers standing in the way of spending meaningful, quality time together. But to bring this program to life, we need your help.

For Kiara and her family, the benefits of this program have been transformational.

You see, Kiara and her family struggle with a variety of complex challenges, often spending their days in ‘survival mode’, just trying to make it from one moment to the next.

With our support, a family outing to the beach offered Kiara and her family rare opportunity to step outside of the stress and tension of daily life. And, out of this opportunity, came many beautiful moments of play and laughter that are often absent from their lives.

During their special day out, Kiara and her parents went swimming together for the very first time, and Kiara’s parents helped her build her first sandcastle. Kiara shared with us how happy she felt to see her mom laugh and smile so much. Later, as Kiara enjoyed some delicious strawberry ice cream, came the opportunity for a beautiful conversation about their day together.

While for many families, an outing like this may be a weekly or monthly tradition over the summer months, for Kiara’s family, this was something much more – a very special, shared moment in their lives that Kiara and her family will likely never, ever forget – a moment made possible with the help of supporters like you.

Today, your gift to our Making Memories Campaign, will ensure that we can bring the many, incredible benefits of a fun, family outing to more families like Kiara’s this year.

With your help, we can provide the support and resources that our families need, so they can access a powerful opportunity to heal, connect, build resilience and create memories together as a family.

Many of us have special memories from our childhood that we still treasure – whether it’s sitting on the beach, building sandcastles with our parents, or perhaps a beautiful night sharing stories with our family around the warm glow of a campfire. Many of us deeply value these special moments in our lives that helped to shape our family stories and identities, and offered opportunities for deep connection with our parents and siblings – magical moments where the challenges and stresses of life seemed to just melt away.

With your support toward our Making Family Memories Campaign, we can ensure that no matter the barrier, families like Kiara’s have the support they need to experience their own special, family outing this year – and enjoy all of the incredible benefits that come with spending quality time together.

Together, we can make sure that no family is left behind. Let’s make this a summer that families like Kiara’s will never forget!