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Giving families opportunities to spend meaningful time together can be one of the most powerful ways for them build resilience, and offers rich opportunities for families to nurture complex relationships.

This is why we have created a new program to support our families in spending meaningful time together, by helping to remove the barriers that are getting in the way.

For many of the families that we work with, family outings, or even home-based family activities, are often out of reach. Often, our families face a variety of barriers in accessing these opportunities, including financial insecurity, language barriers, social isolation, difficulties planning ahead, or access to transportation, among others. Through our new program, families can access the support they need to have a fun day out together, or participate in a home-based activity together – allowing them to experience all of the incredible benefits of spending time together as a family.

But, to make this new program happen, we are appealing to our community for help!

Your gift to our Making Memories Campaign, will ensure that we can bring the many, incredible benefits of a fun, family outing to more of our families this year. Your support will enable us to provide the support and resources that our families need, so they can access a powerful opportunity to heal, connect, build resilience and create memories together as a family.

For many of our families, like Kiara, this program has made an incredible difference. Please click here to read Kiara’s story, and learn how our Making Memories Campaign is impacting the lives of the families that we work with.

Together, let’s make this a year that our families will never forget!

If you are donating $300 or more, you can grant a family’s special ‘Making Memories’ wish! To see our list of family wishes, please click on our ‘wishing jar’.

If you have any questions about our Making Memories Campaign, or would like more information, please reach out to Jenna Afshar, Fund Development and Communications Manager, at or 519-824-2410 x. 3299.

Thank you to all of our incredible ‘Making Memories Campaign’ Sponsors for helping to make this special new program possible for our families through free/discounted admission prices and other supports that help us to make these opportunities for meaningful family time possible for more of our families!