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Child Protection Services

Photo of sad boyWhere ongoing support is needed many services are provided to help the children and youth in those families remain in their homes. Together with the family the worker will develop goals, connect with other professionals and community members involved in the family’€™s life, and will work with the family either on a voluntary basis or with a court order.

When children and youth are not able to safely live with their own families, F&CS will arrange for them to be cared for by another family “ relatives, friends, and/or foster families.

We don’t know all the causes of child abuse and neglect. We do know that parenting is a big responsibility that at times, when combined with other life stresses, can become too much.

Successful Child Protection is:

  • Safe Children  – It is our responsibility to keep children safe when their families are unable to.
  • Supportive Relationships – We build respectful relationships with families, children, and community partners.
  • Strong Advocacy – We advocate effectively so that families and children get the help they need.
  • Involved Families – Families are experts about themselves. They must be involved in planning for their children.
  • Planning for Permanency – Children need a lifelong commitment from adults so they can feel secure about who they are and who loves them.
  • Supportive Communities – Community comes in all shapes and sizes. Being surrounded by a strong, healthy community helps families take care of their children.
  • Respect and Honour – People are not treated equally in our society. We are committed to working in ways that lessen the impact of oppression. Our legal power to keep children safe can be very intimidating. We must use our child protection power in ways that respect families and children.