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Signs of Safety

The mission of F&CS is to work together with children, youth, their families and the community for the safety and well-being of children and youth. We envision a supportive community where children and youth are safe, secure, and nurtured in permanent loving families. Signs of Safety Meetings are a way for everyone involved to talk together about worries and strengths and create good safety plans for children and youth.

What is Signs of Safety?

Signs of Safety is an approach to child welfare work, created in Australia by Andrew Turnell and Steve Edwards. It is a specific way of working with families that allows everyone to have a voice and to work together to keep a child safe. Signs of Safety meetings are held to assess risk, look at worries and strengths and make decisions about a child’€™s safety. A Signs of Safety meeting helps families and caregivers to work with the agency and other services to keep a child safe.

We value:

  • The right of children and youth to be safe and secure
  • The diversity of families
  • Positive space that is inclusive
  • Professional practice that begins with a strength-based approach
  • An open and transparent organization
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Social justice and the importance of advocacy
  • Working together to create positive change in our community

For more information about our Signs of Safety approach, please see our pamphlet.